Who is a Suitable Candidate for Minimally Invasive Knee Replacement

Minimally invasive knee replacement is a surgical procedure which practices smaller incisions & minimal cutting of tissue around the knee, so as to replace a damaged knee joint with an artificial one.

Individual undergoing knee replacement surgery is more inclined to opt for minimally invasive surgery compared to traditional knee replacement because of less pain, reduced blood loss, faster post-surgery recovery & shorter stay in hospitals.

But minimally invasive surgery may not be for everyone. Specific medical conditions & health criteria should be met to undergo the procedure

The bullet point mentioned below summarizes about who is the right candidate for minimally invasive knee replacement

  1. A candidate who is below 65 can consider undergoing the knee replacement via a minimally invasive procedure.
  2. Individual who is thin & has a slender body type, not obese or extra muscular. More obese & heavier the person is longer the incision is required to perform surgery effectively &, which is why minimal incision knee replacement is not recommended to obese people.
  3. A candidate who don’t have any joint or bone deformities like bow legs, osteoporosis, etc.
  4. Body frame criteria should be considered. Small or medium body frame can opt for minimally invasive knee replacement. An individual with bigger implant replacement tends to have more complication
  5. A patient who is well aware of the replacement procedure and desires to go for it.

Your orthopedic surgeon will examine you & confirm if you are the right candidate to undergo minimally invasive surgery. Consult your orthopedic or knee surgeon to know whether you are a suitable candidate or not to undergo minimally invasive knee replacement.

This article was reviewed and co-authored by Kunal Makhija – M.S Orthopedic & Joint replacement surgeon

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